What is Stress and how will we manage it together

Stress is a natural reaction of our nervous system and is designed to help us out when in imminent danger. Stress will increase some functions like muscles, eye sight and quick thinking, while inhibiting other functions like the entire digestive track. It does this by producing specific hormones and enzimes for each task. This is good and necessary when facing a "fight or flight" life threatening situation. Unfortunately our lives cause us to experience stress for a multitude of reasons that when not properly managed, causes a hormonal imbalance that is at the root of many common complaints. Headaches, sleep disorder, mood swings, muscle pain, digestive issues, irritability, overall fatigue are just a few of the many symptoms stress can cause. 

Every person reacts differently to stress and it is therefore necessary to look at the whole picture and not just a symptom before choosing the right therapy. You may reach a cure by eliminating the cause, never by removing the symptoms.

With a holistic naturopathic approach, we look at every aspect of your life and correct your lifestyle. Sometimes that alone, can dramatically improve your quality of life. Next we can choose to give your body a nice Detox using natural gentle Homotoxicology products for your specific needs, then we might incorporate various modalities to rebalance and adjust specific issues and problems.

Homotoxicology  - The three pillars of homotoxicology include detoxification and drainage, immune modulation, cellular activation and organ strengthening. It is a medicine of regulation and modulation, not of suppression, whose effects must be achieved at various levels, for this reason it acts not with a drug but with a therapeutic strategy often complex and articulated; it is a strictly individualised medicine, which means that for each patient a specific pharmacological association is identified not only on the basis of the pathology, but also in relation to the reactive phase peculiar only to that patient and his or her personal constitution; it uses small but not infinitesimal quantities of substances, which act with a mechanism that is not necessarily homeopathic and whose therapeutic action is often foreseeable by studying its biochemistry and pharmacology.

Herbalism  - With the help of nature and medicinal herbs, we can correct and prevent many disfunctions and imbalances and target specific issues and minimize pain, while your body restores its natural ability to heal.

Bach Flower Therapy - Dr. Bach theorized that at the root of all diseases is an imbalance between our Ego and our True Self. His floritherapy works on our internal conflicts in a subtle and gentle way. The results however, are strong and often permanent.


Reiki - is a gentle technique that produces profound relaxation that can reverse the effects of stress, reduce anxiety, the perception of pain and promote an overall feeling of wellbeing. It is often offered in hospitals and hospices to help with pre and post surgery anxiety and is being used with oncological patients as part of an integrative approach. 

Meditation - I use various medidation techniques to help you be more present, focused, and able to handle pressure. When practiced regularly you will increase your ability to concentrate and focus on what matters.

Holistic (or Naturopathic) Massage - Using specific essential oils to promote health and reduce tension, holistic massages work on tension points and meridians reducing stress and promoting a feeling of calm and peacefulness. It will work on circulation and reduce joint pain.

Natural Mindful Nutrition - We will work together to optimize your eating habits to reduce inflammation in your body, fuel your body efficiently, reach your perfect weight and improve your skin, hair and overall wellbeing.

Life Strategies - We will go over your goals and I will help you find your own tools to overcome everyday challenges and make it through the occasional difficult hump.

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