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Detox + Strengthen

One of the 6 basic principles of Naturopathic Medicine is Prevention.


Our body constantly works to achieve homeostasis, which is the body's tendency to maintain a stable, relatively constant internal environment. Examples of the process of homeostasis include the regulation of blood sugar, the regulation of body temperature, the constant surveillance and functioning of the immune system, regulation of blood pressure, and our pH balance... 

This natural process should not require our help... if we were still hunter gatherers. These days however, we are bombarded with toxins from smog, processed foods, additives, chemicals, pharmaceutical residues, and even more importantly endogenous toxins from psychological pressure, putting our body under tremendous stress and making it harder and harder to achieve homeostasis. 

Based on your needs, we will choose a specific detox* protocol to eliminate as many exogenous toxins as possible. Next we will work on making small, manageable lifestyle changes including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and a mind-body practice like mindfulness, meditation or yoga to help your body maintain proper balance and prevent most stress related illnesses and chronic inflammation complications. Finally, we will focus on strengthening your immune system to ensure you stay well

                    Prevention allows your body to heal itself and your mind to relax and recharge.             

*For more on the various modalities I use, check out the FAQ page.

Don't just survive... choose to thrive!

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