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Catherine de Zágon
Natural Health Coach


Prevention and Complementary Care

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Detox | Immune Support | Stress Management

Mind + Body

Therapy Sessions


Detox + Strengthen


Your care should be too.

No two people benefit from the same approach to health. 

Let’s get to know each other 

and build a personalised plan

that fits your life. Detox, strengthen your immune system, improve your gut and your digestion.

Prevention is your best ally



Being overwhelmed by the pressure of work, family and society happens to all. 


Childhood trauma (even when buried in our mind) can cause fear, anger, stress, a sense of failure and disease. Adult trauma (divorce, moving, 

earthquakes, war, pandemics) can provoke anxiety and fear beyond our control. 


Learn to replace feelings of anger and fear with calm, resilience and joy.

Stress Management
Clarity + Focus


Make time for you; a peaceful, meaningful life is possible.


Stop repetitive thoughts and overcome obstacles with ease. Create the mind space to listen to and trust your gut

and your heart.

Join our daily meditation sessions on zoom or book a private coaching session.

Learn breathing techniques and improve your 

meditation skills.


Mindfulness + Serenity


Reiki & Treatments
Heal + Relax


Experience deep relaxation

and overall wellbeing.

With a personalised treatment plan combining Reiki, CST,

 Massages, Guided exercises, Breathing techniques, and 

supplements allowing your body to repair and recharge, and your mind to relax.


A transformative experience with lasting results.

“To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear.”
                                                                 - Stephen  Levine, Poet and Teacher


Workshops, Yoga, Screenings, Meditation and More...

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Staying healthy and managing stress can be challenging, especially now - but especially now it is so important to stay calm and manage our thoughts. Recent studies in PNEI, our body-mind connection confirm that stress weakens our immune system by reducing our "soldier" cells called Natural Killer cells and that a balanced mindful lifestyle strengthens our capability to fight off chronic illness, degenerative diseases and even cancer

You probably already know how to eat better and improve you lifestyle... but knowing, and applying what you know, 

are not one and the same, life gets in the way... stress follows.

Life gets in the way...Stress follows

Don't settle for just ok. My mission is to empower you with the tools and the mindset to achieve optimal health. Detox from mental and physical smogand strengthen your immune systemGet out of fight or flight mode and feel your best


My approach is Client-centered and individually designed to your specific needs. Together we go beyond your symptoms, working on you as a whole: body, mind and spirit 

for a healthier, happier you.

Detox, Recharge, Rejuvenate


As a former owner and chef of a restaurant in Brooklyn NY, I know all too well how stress can impact your life. As my stress increased, my health deteriorated and many surgeries followed.

Work was thriving, I had a loving husband, incredible friends and a caring family, yet I was depressed and kept getting sick.

Doctor's never asked about my lifestyle, eating habits or what my work entailed, like spending all my days indoors and sleeping far too little. All my clients say the same... most doctor don't ask questions about our lives. But then you meet one that does... Finally a young doctor took the time to "see" me, ordered the right tests including vitamin D levels... it turns out I was severely deficient. As soon as I started supplementing, my energy and mood quickly improved.

My energy and mood quickly improved

That's when I decided to become proactive about my health, and read all I could on natural ways to improve my wellbeing. Soon enough, I noticed I was not getting sick as often and I was sleeping better. 

Immune Syrup

Immune Syrup

Immune booster. Cough, sore throat, cold and flu balsam.

Radient Skin

Radient Skin

Luminous Face Elixir to nourish, firm and illuminate your skin. With Argan oil, St. John's Worth oil, Rosehip oil, Olive leaf oil, lavender and incense essential oil.

Extra Fresh

Extra Fresh

Long lasting natural deodorant cream with green clay, shea butter and zinc and a blend of essential oils.



Gum and teeth treatment with antibacterial, whitening and strengthening properties

No Pain

No Pain

Cayenne pepper pain cream.

Extra Vergine

Extra Vergine

Olive oil and Shea butter cream for extra dry skin




Discover our new selection of Naturopathic herbal infusions.


 a healthy and happy you starts now 

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"I know that I could tell you anything and you would still welcome me. It goes beyond any explainable sensation.

I am really talking about a superior form of welcoming" - Samanta, Rome

I have received Reiki treatments from Catherine both in person and at a distance. I can say without a doubt there is no difference in the effectiveness, the level of relaxation and the connection to Catherine in either form.  I am a certified Reiki master having completed level 1, 2 & 3 in India many years ago.
As a result I have given and received numerous Reiki treatments and find Catherine’s session the most powerful yet. The deep relaxation I attain during the treatments allows physical and mental healing, an easing of stress and a rebooting of my immunity. I also feel a deeper connection to myself and and my intuition.
I live in LA and for me the beauty of the distance treatment is not having to travel to appointments and being able to curl up in the comfort of my home afterwards. I highly recommend sessions with Catherine

C. Heskin, Los Angeles


Villa Orsatti

Strada Provinciale 98 delle Vigne

Contrada Colonia Frasca, snc

Ofena, AQ 67025

+39 388 2560 444

Mon - Fri: 9 am - 7 pm

​​Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm​

CET time zone (EST + 6 | PST + 9)


Want to rest and recharge?


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Wellness Medicine

Finally a guide for your clinician to adopt an integrative approach

Wellness medicine is the field that focuses on improving overall functioning, quality of life, and wellbeing, beyond symptom management of medical illness, leading to restoration and maintenance of health. The Handbook of Wellness Medicine provides a practical guide to the latest in evidence-based medicine, as well as best practice, to assist healthcare professionals in utilizing the full range of interventions to improve wellness and help patients complete their journeys to full health. The volume is organized into five parts: Part I introduces the concept of wellness by detailing the definitions and assessment/measurement methods, and formulating wellness plans. Part II describes wellness plans in major illnesses, categorized by organ system/disorder. Part III covers the methods to improve wellness in special populations. Part IV details each wellness intervention, including the scientific evidence behind it and its practical application. Part V focuses on integrating and personalizing the interventions into one's life to maintain wellness.


EDITOR: Waguih William IsHak, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Louy C, Sweet C, Pollock G, de Zagon C, Louy Z, Weiss JM, and Maher DP. Wellness in Pain Disorders In:  IsHak WW, ed. The Handbook of Wellness Medicine. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press; 2020 

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