About Me

As a former owner and chef of a restaurant in Brooklyn NY, I know all too well how stress can impact your life. Little by little my health started to deteriorate and many ailments and surgeries followed.

Work was thriving and though I had a loving husband, incredible friends and a caring family, I was depressed and kept getting sick.

Doctor's never asked about my lifestyle, eating habits or what my work entailed, like spending all my days indoors and sleeping far too little. 

Finally a young doctor who took the time to "see" me, had my vitamin D levels checked, as he expected, I was severely deficient. As soon as I started supplementing...

My energy and mood quickly improved

I decided to become proactive about my health, read all I could on natural ways to improve my wellbeing. Soon enough, I noticed I was not getting sick as often and I was sleeping better.

My husband and anyone who was kind enough to trust me, became my guinea pigs... 

Eventually this homegrown passion became more, and I went back to school.


I studied and Trained at the LUI.Ben University in Rome as a Counsellor in Naturopathy (Holistic Health Coach) specialising in Homotoxicology, MindfulnessFunctional Nutrition and Holistic Massage Therapy.


I continue to study and participate in workshops and courses on a multitude of subjects from our microbiome, vitamin D deficiency, women's health, digestive disorders, Bach Flower Therapy, Dr. Burgarella's quantum healing BQH, and anything I can find time to pursue...


I am a Reiki Master in the original Usui Ryoho method.

Born in New York, I grew up in Florence and now live in the gorgeous region of Abruzzo surrounded by nature. I've had the good fortune to live in many places ... I have called Los Angeles, New York, Brussels, Paris, Calascio, Rome and L'Aquila "home" at some point in my life. My holistic approach is informed and shaped by the many places I have lived or spent time in over the years.

While working as a chef, I honed my interest in seasonal & natural cooking, which in turn lead me to teaching and writing about seasonal and natural food. I continue to offer Mindful Nutrition and cooking classes to small groups and I will help you eat for your specific body type to reduce inflammation and improve your health. Your gut will thank you!

​In my Tool Box:

  • Homotoxicology Detox

  • Spagyric Botanicals

  • Dr. Bach Flower therapy

  • Essentials Oils

  • Holistic Massages

  • Reiki (in-person or distance)

  • Mindful guided Meditation

  • Autogenic Training

  • Body-Bioenergetics

  • Body specific nutrition for gut health, anti-inflammatory and functional. 

Go to my Therapy Service pages on Prevention, Stress Management, Coaching and Reiki for more information on how we can work together.