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Mindfulness + Serenity

Most of us go through the day fulfilling a list of have to's, running around rarely stopping to think about our wants or our own personal needs. This leads to stress and frustration.


When I ask what do you do that makes you happy, or suggest any exercise, Mindfulness or Meditation practice, most reply to both with: "I simply don't have time"... 


The truth is, if we don't take the time to care for ourselves, we will eventually be presented with a bill in the form of a prescription bill, medical bill or a chronic illness that will disrupt our lives far more than taking 30 min. to 1 hour a day for ourselves. 

Once I get my clients to work-up personal time into their schedule, the result is always the same: 

Time to do all the have to's magically increases rather than decreasing, and the more time they spend taking care of themselves, the more time they appear to have to finish the all of the day's tedious tasks.


The reason is simple. Once you learn to quiet your mind and increase joy and self-love, the mind gets rid of the constant chatter and actually performs better and faster. Getting in touch with your inner-wisdom allows you to make smarter decisions (if you read the Stress Management section you will learn why stress makes us stupid). Once we are in a stress-loop, it is hard to find the way out.


Let me help you, let's talk it out and find the nails in your daily life that are snagging your flow.


Once you feel joy, serenity and live mindfully, you will become a magnet for positive change and people will naturally be drawn to your wonderful energy. 

Being calm feels great!


Listen to this short Morning Practice to set your intention for the day

Morning Meditation
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